The 108th “Camp Cloud Invoices E Activity” started on March 16th and the awards are diverse.

The Ministry of Finance held the "108 Annual Cloud Invoices E-Up Campaign" on the 13th of this year. The press conference was held by the Director of the Financial Information Center of the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Chen Quanxi, the Deputy Director of the Taxation Department of the Ministry of Finance, and the Deputy Director of the Information and Technology Education Department of the Ministry of Education. Mr. Huang Shuyi, member of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education, and the Deputy Director of the Integrity Department of the Ministry of Justice, Mr. Chen Rongzhou, jointly announced the activities of the high school and colleges and universities across the country starting from March 16th (108). This year includes two competitions, Campus Cloud Invoice Contest and Cloud Invoice Creative Promotion E-mail. For details of the event, please visit the event website.

Director Chen said that in the (107) year, he and the Ministry of Education cooperated for the first time in the campus cloud invoice contest, which received great repercussions in the national high school and college campuses and deepened the campus. With the help of various schools, participants' suggestions and the Department's Taxation Department, this year's event competition rules, awards and awards will greatly enhance the participants' chances of winning. I hope to encourage more people to participate and promote the cloud together. Invoices, in addition, the Ministry of Education attaches great importance to and supports the "paperless invoice" policy, saying that it will fully use the publicity channel to encourage students to participate in the competition. In addition, the Independent Commission Against Correspondence of the Ministry of Justice said that it will continue the experience of last year and use the energy of the integrity system to assist in the promotion of this competition in all counties and cities across the country. The Taxation Department also continuously supervises the promotion of this activity by the IRS in each region.

This year's event included "Campus Cloud Invoice Competition" and "Cloud Invoice Creative Promotion and Enrollment Campaign". The first "Campus Cloud Invoice Competition" contest totaled NT$1.78 million. The competition period was March 16 From October 31st, the main contents of the activities are as follows:

1. The participants are national high school vocational schools, colleges and universities, and their students and faculty.

Second, the competition awards include the School Promotion Award, the Student Competition Award and the Event Plus Award.

Third, the Student Contest Awards are divided into "High School Vocational School Group" and "College College Group" competitions.

Fourth, the "Activity Plus Award", as long as the target is reached, you can participate in interactive games. After the event, there is still a chance to draw the lucky prize! The sooner you participate, the more opportunities you have.

5. The Ministry of Finance launched the Uniform Invoice Redemption App, which is convenient and easy to use on January 1 this year. This event encourages students from colleges and universities to download and use.

The second "Cloud Invoice Creative Promotion and Enrollment Campaign", the total prize money of the competition is NT$250,000. During the competition period from March 16 to September 30, it is hoped that students will promote through teamwork. The cloud invoice new ideas, and actually implemented in the school, and then led the school to participate in the "Camp Cloud Invoice Competition".

Source: Ministry of Finance