The 108year license tax was levied on April 1 and the payment period was until April 30.

The Ministry of Finance and Taxation Department said that the license tax will be levied on April 1 this year (108), and the payment deadline will be April 30, and the taxpayer will be required to pay within the time limit.

The Department stated that the use of the license tax payment letter is filled out by the municipality and the county (city) local tax collection authority to mail the taxpayer. In order to pay the tax, the Ministry of Finance provides a diversified tax payment pipeline. The taxpayer can pay the tax payment to the financial institution (not collected by the post office) in cash or invoices. The tax amount is in NTD. ) If you are less than 20,000 yuan, you can pay in cash at convenience stores such as UniPresident, Family, Lylefu, and OK (OK), or through ATM (ATM), credit card, telephone voice, and chip financial card. Current (savings) deposit account transfer, etc. to pay taxes. However, if you use a credit card to pay taxes, each card issuer will charge a service fee and a collection standard. For details, please contact the card issuer. In addition, if you choose to pay by tax card or current (savings) deposit account, you can use the mobile device or the "action payment instrument" to pay the QRCode action barcode on the APP scanning payment book, and you can enter the sales account number. You can apply for online tax payment by paying taxes and other information. For details of the tax payment operations, please refer to the tax payment instructions or the "Electronic Filing Payment Service" under the "Treasury Tax Portal" (Address: .

The department reminds that taxpayers who have already agreed to pay taxes with a deposit account for deposits with financial institutions or postal institutions are required to reserve sufficient deposits in the account for the redemption.

The department has appealed to taxpayers who have not received the payment certificate or have doubts about the tax amount if they have to apply for a license tax. They can apply for reissue or enquiry at the local taxation authority or the service counter of the supervisory office. You can also use the natural person/business/finance certificate or the registered health insurance card and password to log in to the local tax network reporting website ( to check the tax directly online; If the tax amount is less than 20,000 yuan, you can use the natural person/business certificate or the registered health insurance card and password, or enter the license plate number and the identity card number/uniform number during the levy period to check the printed payment form through the convenience store multimedia information machine. Pay directly to the convenience store counter. If the payment is overdue, the late payment fee will be imposed according to the regulations, and the owner of the vehicle will be paid within the prescribed time limit.

Source: Ministry of Finance