The chairman of the Senate selection committee insists on acting in accordance with the facts.

Parliament, Chairman of the Senate Election Investigation Committee confirms that he is following the facts and evidence, stressing that he is not worried and is ready to provide a conclusion as soon as possible. Mr. Surachai Liangboonlertchai, Chairman of the Special Committee to Study and Investigate the Selection of Senators, announced after the meeting that this was the first meeting, appointing various positions and a time frame for the work. He will work within the scope he has been given. He will try to perform his duties quickly and reach a conclusion as soon as possible to present to the Election Commission (EC) and related agencies. He admitted that there were time constraints, but he will do so under the scrutiny of the senator selection to see what the facts are that indicate that the selection was dishonest and unfair. Mr. Surachai said that other issues would be the responsibility of other agencies and organizations to help study and learn lessons, such as the compliance with the regulations that the EC announced, including the application process, application procedures, and certification processes that would lead to the acquisition of senators, which this committee could not do due to time constraints. However, the legal issue is not eliminated, but the report may be divided into two parts: 1. Indicators of the election of senators are not honest and fair or not. 2. If there is time, the legal issues and obstacles will be studied to help improve both the constitution and the organic laws, which are difficult to amend, as well as the sub-regulations announced by the Election Commission, which are easier to amend. The information to be used for consideration will initially come from the Independent Organization Affairs Commission under the Constitution and the Human Rights, Liberties and Consumer Protection Commission, which have already received complaints and information from several Commissioners, who have personally monitored and compiled it to some extent. The Secretariat will summarize th e facts and will begin a preliminary study this Thursday. As for whether there is anything that is still unclear and needs to be requested from an independent agency or organization, this will be discussed in the next meeting. When asked what the committee would do if the EC approved the new senators today (July 9), Mr. Surachai said that our mission was complete, so there was nothing to worry about. We would do as much as we could within the timeframe that allowed us to work. At the same time, we tried to finish the work as quickly as possible to show that we wanted the answer as soon as possible because we wanted to see the EC approve the new senators as soon as possible, with an answer that could be clearly stated that everything was done honestly and fairly. When asked if the baton would have to be passed to the new Senate to handle this matter, Mr. Surachai said that the new Senate would probably not investigate itself. As for this consideration, will it not be considered as an indication to cause re jection of the new senators? Mr. Surachai emphasized that he will follow the facts, with evidence, not floating out of nowhere, and must be screened as well. However, the meeting resolved to consider selecting various positions in the special committee to study and examine the selection of senators as follows: Mr. Surachai Liangboonlertchai, chairman of the special committee, Mr. Somchai Saengka, first vice chairman, Mr. Kitti Wasinon, second vice chairman, Ms. Piyachat Wanchalerm, secretary, Mr. Direkrit Jenkongtham, Mr. Anuphon Arunrat, spokesman of the committee, and 8 advisors: General Akanit Muensawas, General Somjet Boonthanom, Mr. Wallop Tangkhananurak, Mr. Chaturong Sermsuk, Mr. Phonladet Pinprateep, Mr. Thaweewong Chulakamontri, Pol. Col. Charungwit Phumma, and Mr. Somkid Lertpaitoon. Source: Thai News Agency