The Department of Health sent a SEhRT team to the area to assess the impact from the earthquake.

Ministry of Public Health, – The Department of Health has assigned the Health Promotion and Environmental Health Operations Team (SEhRT Team) to health centers to monitor the area. Follow the situation and assess the environmental health impacts of earthquakes in risky areas. along with advising people in risky areas Prepare to deal with earthquakes safely.

Dr. Atchara Nithipinyasakul Director-General of the Department of Health said that from the earthquake disaster situation report from the Earthquake Monitoring Division. Meteorological Department on November 17, 2023 at 8:37 a.m., an earthquake with the epicenter in Myanmar, magnitude 6.4, depth 9 kilometers, approximately 100 kilometers northwest of Mae Sai District, Chiang Rai Province, resulted in shaking in Many provinces include Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Lampang, Lamphun, Nan, Phayao, Mae Hong Son, Udon Thani, Khon Kaen, Sakon Nakhon and Bangkok. As a result of this situation, people in high-risk areas are affected, such as people experiencing dizziness, tall buildings, various places, people's homes. Including many public health facilities affected and damaged by the quake, such as Chiang Rai Prachanukroh Hospital, Chiang Rai Province, and Sakon Nakhon Regional Hospital, Sakon Nakhon Province, were affected by the quake. This caused large cracks in the building. Patients and citizens must be evacuated from the area.

Dr. Atchara further said that the Department of Health has assigned the SEhRT team to operate the health center. Collaborate with local agencies to assess health impacts and environmental health damages in damaged public health facilities and communities, including building safety, oxygen systems, electrical systems and backup power. Utilities Wastewater treatment system and expedite monitoring of sanitation, such as chemical contamination in water from damaged hospital wastewater treatment systems. Dust contamination caused by building collapse and damage, etc. For the people to speed up communication and create knowledge to reduce the impact on public health, namely 1) Follow and listen to news from government agencies. When an incident occurs, be mindful. And prepare to evacuate. 2) If you live inside the house, squat down on the floor under the strong building structure. Prevent items from falling from the ceiling or high places. 3) In the case of turning on the gas for cooking. Stop doing such activities. And turn off the gas immediately. 4) In the case of being in a high-rise building, condo, or apartment, prepare to evacuate. If there is continuous violence Please leave the building immediately. Using the fire escape Do not use passenger elevators at all. When leaving the building, go as far away from the building as possible. and must take into account people in the home who are vulnerable groups Health-risk groups should prepare to find a way to get them out of the area immediately. 5) Keep away from windows and doors, especially glass. Prevent danger and reduce the risk of injury or death in the case of the structure being destroyed by a strong earthquake; 6) in the case of being outside the building already Do not enter the building. and observe the place where you stand to take refuge There must be no tall buildings, billboards, trees, electric poles around to prevent collapse or accidents and 7) Prepare to collect necessary items. Can be taken out immediately

In this regard, people are requested to be vigilant and closely follow the earthquake situation. Especially at-risk groups Vulnerable groups include the elderly, young children, and pregnant women. Take special care and caution, observe and become familiar with emergency exits. or the nearest fire escape If an earthquake occurs, you will be able to escape quickly and safely. Reduce the risk of loss, injury and death

Source: Thai News Agency

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