The economy returned to the warmth, and the domestically produced office handled the conversion of the old village to the state-owned real estate, with a rate of up to 50%.

The Department of Customs and the Miao Li Office of the Home Affairs Department today (24th) handled the opening of the state-owned real estate auction for the old army of the National Army, which was commissioned by the Ministry of National Defense, and attracted more than 10 bidders to participate in the bidding. The total result of the bid opening was 7 (6 in the Central District and 1 in Miaoli), the amount of the deductible is NT$4,631 million.

According to the domestic authorities, the total number of 10 land plots in the Jiangong section of Nantun District, Taichung City was the most competitive. A total of 8 bidders were attracted to participate in the bidding, and 3 of them were built in the area of Jiangong Section. 2,734 ping, the amount of off-label is up to 1.67 billion yuan, and the premium is 12.81%. The main reason is that the land has been re-planned, the terrain is complete, and it is close to the Lingdong business district, and the location environment is good. In addition, there are 2 plots of land in the Shuiyu Economic and Trade Zone, with a total amount of 1.16 billion yuan, indicating that the future development of the zone is expected.

Source: Ministry of Finance