The House of Representatives passes the draft equal marriage law and sends it to the Senate for further consideration.

Parliament, The House approves the draft law. "Equal marriage" returns rights to "same-sex marriage" along with receiving rights as a "spouse" to send to the Senate for further consideration. Hope to vote before the agenda expires. Reporters reported that the meeting of the House of Representatives with Mr. Pichet Muang Phan 2nd Vice President of the House of Representatives Chairing the meeting Considered the draft bill amending the Civil and Commercial Code or the Equal Marriage Law, agendas 2 and 3, and voted by a majority of 400 votes to 10 to approve the draft bill amending the Civil and Commercial Code or the Equal Marriage Law. According to the Board of Directors Consideration has been completed, with Muslim MPs requesting to use their privilege not to give approval because the principles of the draft law are contrary to religious principles. As for the essence of the equal marriage law, It is the return of rights to individuals, such as amending the word Man-woman-husband-wife are the words person- betrothed-betrothed and spouse to have the meaning to cover a fiancee or spouse, regardless of gender. where people can be engaged to each other When both parties are 18 years of age, the engagement will be complete. When the betrothed party delivers or transfers property to the betrothed. If any party breaches the contract to have the right to demand compensation and if the betrothal is the one who breaks the promise Give back the betrothal gift to the betrothed. While marriage is possible When both parties are 18 years of age, except in cases where there is reasonable cause The court may allow the marriage to take place first. Ready to ban marriage In the case where any person is an insane person or is an incompetent person or descend from the same bloodline and cannot be married to another person Including the divorce will be complete. When a married couple has registered a divorce The reasons for filing for divorce include having an affair and regularly having sex with others. Spouse behaves badly Physic al and mental harm Intentionally abandoning the other party for more than 1 year, etc. In addition, grounds for claiming compensation have also been added. and the grounds for filing for divorce shall cover the case of a fiancée or one spouse Going into a relationship with another person, regardless of gender Ready to amend the new marriage period conditions. In the case where a woman has a man as her original marriage and will equally marry a new man (To prevent cases where there is a pregnancy from the same man) including adding grounds for filing for divorce to be consistent with relationships between same-sex couples, such as having regular adultery with "other people" However, the committee has a minority vote. coming from the public sector It has been proposed that the law be added to the word "First parent" (who acts as mother-father) to create a neutral word in the draft law representing father-mother. Supporting family integrity for same-sex couples But the majority of the committee members explain ed that the determination of the first ascendants It is a new term that has never been established in law. and no definition is given Therefore, there may be an impact on enforcement. Therefore, it is a matter of concern that it will affect all laws of the country. House of Representatives meeting Therefore there was a majority vote. Approve the adjustments made by the committee by a majority vote. However, when two people, regardless of the same gender, or different genders After registering your marriage together, you will have the status of "spouse". Therefore, you will enter into conditions in other laws that support the rights of "spouses" such as the right to manage your spouse's property, the right to act as a manager on your behalf in criminal matters. Like husband and wife, the right to inherit if the other dies, the right to adopt a child, the right to sign consent for the other's medical treatment, the right to arrange a funeral, the right to receive benefits. and benefits from the government as a married couple, such as social security rights, rights to disburse medical expenses Including spouse It is still possible to adopt children together. Ready to certify any laws or regulations, Cabinet resolutions referring to husband, wife or husband and wife. It shall be considered that the claim is based on the spouse who is registered according to this equal marriage law. Mr. Danuporn Punnakanta, Chairman of the Commission, confirmed that this amendment to the Civil Code or the Equal Marriage Law It is a solution for everyone in the country. where the male-female spouse What rights have you received? You will not lose your rights under this law. and will protect people of diverse sexualities and restore rights to people with sexual diversity who had previously lost their rights. both medical treatment tax deduction Signing consent for the spouse to enter the medical treatment process To be the starting point for creating equality in Thai society. that will make Thailand It is the 3rd country in the Asian r egion. with equal marriage laws and is the first country in ASEAN that allows people of the same sex to marry For the steps after this House of Representatives It will be forwarded to the Senate (Senate) for consideration according to the steps by Mr. Khamnoon Sitthisaman, Senator. As a spokesman for the Senate Extraordinary Affairs Committee or as a spokesman for the Senate Whip. Discussing the preparations of the Senate In considering the draft law on equal marriage After the House of Representatives has approved the 3rd agenda, the Senate is ready to consider the draft law on 1-2 April or 9 April, which is the last day of the 2nd regular session of the House of Representatives for the year 2023 and I am confident that I will be able to consider it. Ready to appoint a committee Definitely come to consider it in time. which the committee It will take time during the closing session to consider before returning to the Senate. To consider voting for approval during the opening of the 1st Ordinary Session of t he House of Representatives for the year 2024, in time before the new set of senators comes to perform their duties. Reporters also reported that Current Senate members His term will expire on May 11, but he will continue to perform his duties. Until a new Senate takes office. In considering the draft law on equal marriage Including the draft budget bill for fiscal year 2025, it may be in the said transition period. Therefore, the Senate has assigned the Senate's legal department. Go study your readiness if such a case occurs. In order not to affect the consideration of bills that are still pending in the current Senate. Source: Thai News Agency

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