Three more cases of alleged child abuse found at Taichung daycare center

After the press briefing, Taichung Mayor Lu Shiow-yen (???) apologized and pledged to launch an investigation into Hwa Shin.

In its statement on Monday, the bureau said it had not looked at all of the 10-day surveillance footage it had obtained when the first abuse case at Hwa Shin was reported in February last year. As a result, other instances of child abuse at Hwa Shin were not noticed, the bureau said, adding that it had been negligent in its investigation of the matter.

The bureau said some of its staff members will be referred to an investigative team set up by the city government, with a view to penalizing them for negligence.

In addition, the bureau said, it will step up its inspection of daycare centers in the city, strengthen personnel training, and require daycare centers to hold meetings with parents if there are any incidents of child abuse.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel