TTL seeking contract for instant noodle production in Singapore

Taipei--Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corp. (TTL, ??) said Monday that it is planning to seek a contract manufacturer to produce its popular instant noodle line in Singapore.

Wu Jung-hui (???), chairman of TTL, said that his company is in talks to sign a production contract in Singapore to roll out its instant noodle products, including Hua-Tiau Chiew Chicken Noodles (????) and Sesame Oil Chicken Noodles (????).

Wu said that since Hua-Tiau Chiew Chicken Noodles has drawn attention in the Singapore market, TTL aims to take advantage of the development to further explore the market by producing instant noodles there.

For Wu, the strategy could become "instant noodle diplomacy" for Taiwan, the government of which is pushing for its "New Southbound Policy" aiming to forge closer business ties with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Australia, New Zealand and India, and reduce economic dependence on China.

TTL, which is the only producer of Hua-Tiau Chiew in Taiwan, uses the 15-year old liquor made from fermented rice as a major ingredient in the broth of its instant noodles and has pushed up the Hua-Tiau Chiew Chicken Noodles among the top five instant noodles in Taiwan, according to the company.

While TTL has not exported any Hua-Tiau Chiew Chicken Noodles or Sesame Oil Chicken Noodles to Singapore yet, in a recent food exhibition held in the city state, Singaporean traders were thrilled by the smell of the noodles, in particular the Hua-Tiau Chiew flavor.

Traders there asked for information about the TTL noodles at the trade show, expressing interest in serving as a sales agent for the products.

Wu said that TTL is scheduled to send a delegation to Singapore in June to carry out a market survey before finalizing a deal to sign a contract maker to produce the instant noodles there.

He said that TTL is expected to sell instant noodles produced in Singapore to Malaysia, Australia and the Maldives in the future. He added that if the efforts to penetrate the Southeast Asian market proceed smoothly, TTL is likely to set up a representative office and even a factory in Singapore to help the instant noodle diplomacy take root.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel