Two legislative by-elections to take place Sunday

Taipei-Legislative by-elections in Taipei and Taichung to fill two seats vacated after local elections last November will take place on Sunday.

According to Taiwan's Central Election Commission (CEC), the polling booths will be closed at 4 p.m., and the results are expected to be known by 7 p.m.

A total of nine candidates have registered to compete in the legislative by-elections for the two seats.

In Taipei, five candidates will compete for the seat representing Taipei's 2nd electoral district, left vacant by the DPP's Yao Wen-chih (???), who gave up his seat as a legislator while making an unsuccessful run for Taipei mayor last November.

The candidates are the Democratic Progressive Party's (DPP's) Ho Chih-wei (???), independent Chen Su-yu (???), the national non-partisan coalition's Chen Yuan-chi (???), the Kuomintang's Chen Ping-fu (???) and independent Wang Yi-kai (???).

In Taichung, the KMT's Shen Jhih-huei (???), independent Chiu Yu-shan (???), the DPP's Wang Yi-chuan (???) and the United Party's Lin Chung-sheng (???) will compete for the seat representing Taichung's 5th electoral district, left vacant by the city's mayor, Lu Shiow-yen (???) of the KMT.

There are 266,907 eligible voters in Taipei's 2nd electoral district and 337,848 in Taichung's 5th electoral district, official data showed.

The CEC reminded people heading to the polls to take their identification cards, personal seals and election notifications with them.

Voters are banned from bringing mobile phones or cameras into the polling stations, an offense punishable by a fine ranging from NT$30,000 (US$970.9) to NT$300,000, the CEC said.

No campaign activities are allowed on election day, including on social media, the CEC said.

Four more legislative by-elections for vacant seats will be held in Tainan's 2nd electoral district, Changhua County's 1st electoral district, New Taipei's 3rd electoral district and in Kinmen County on March 16.

Voters will go to the polls in Tainan to pick a successor to DPP legislator Huang Wei-che (???), who was elected mayor of the southern city on Nov. 24.

They will also elect replacements for KMT lawmaker Wang Hui-mei (???), who won the race for Changhua County magistrate, and KMT legislator Yang Cheng-wu (???), who won the race for Kinmen County chief.

The legislative by-election in New Taipei is to pick a successor to former DPP legislator Gao Jyh-peng (???), who was stripped of his seat in the Legislature after being sentenced on corruption charges by the Supreme Court in December to four years and six months in jail and a deprivation of his civil rights for four years.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel