Weather to get cooler from Tuesday evening to weekend: CWB

Temperatures will begin falling Tuesday evening and remain cool through Friday as seasonal northeasterly winds strengthen, while rain can be expected in northern and northeastern Taiwan, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) forecast Tuesday.
Temperatures could still reach up to 30 degrees Celsius in Taiwan during the day Tuesday under mostly sunny skies, but clouds and even sporadic rain will move in later in the evening as the northeasterly winds get stronger, CWB forecaster Huang En-hung (黃恩鴻) told CNA.
While northern and northeastern Taiwan should remain cool into Friday, with daytime temperature averaging 20 degrees, temperatures in other regions will hit highs of 25-27 degrees, Huang said.
Temperatures are expected to be at their lowest early Thursday morning, hitting lows of 16-17 degrees in the north and 18-19 degrees in southern and eastern Taiwan.
Given the strengthening northeasterly winds from Wednesday to Friday, temperatures could plunge even lower along the coast, falling to 13-14 degrees in coastal areas in northern Taiwan, to 14-15 degrees in central Taiwan and 16-17 degrees in southern Taiwan.
The stronger northeasterly winds will also likely bring more rain in northern, northeastern and eastern Taiwan and the Hengchun Peninsula, Huang said.
Over the weekend, temperatures should begin rebounding in northern Taiwan as the seasonal winds weaken, but the north and the east could still experience occasional rainfall on Saturday and Sunday while other areas should see cloudy to sunny skies, Huang said.
The CWB forecaster also warned that visibility could be low in western Taiwan and the Kinmen and Matsu islands in the coming days.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel