Workers looking to make extra cash over long break

A new survey has found that 96% of workers are looking to make extra money over the Lunar New Year vacation.

Job hunting website yes123 conducted the survey in early January. 80% of respondents said they are interested in finding temporary part-time work over the holiday. Meanwhile, close to 33% said they hope to get some extra cash by setting up roadside stalls.

On average, workers are looking to make around NT$15,000 (US$490).

The percentage of people looking for side work over the New Year is the highest it's been since 2009. The survey asked respondents why they want extra work. The most common answer was concerns about running low on money at the year's end. Many respondents also said that temp work pays better over the holiday, or that they are looking to boost their income since they hadn't gotten a raise last year.

The same survey also found that 79% of university students plan to work part-time over their winter vacation. This percentage is the highest it's been in eleven years. Students say they are motivated by a desire to cover living expenses, save money, pay for tuition, and gain more real-world experience, though some respondents said they will work due to pressure from student loans.

Source: Rti