XOOX, the world’s first pet networking service (PNS), creates buzz with its launch


XOOX leads the pet networking services arena with its innovative features, including short-form content challenges, dedicated music for pets, and revolutionary health management.

– Popular for its short-form content challenges, pet music, illness diagnosis kit app, etc.

– Providing a newly conceptualized service with ID registration using pets’ eyes

NEW YORK, Nov. 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — XOOX, a pet networking service (PNS) application featuring short-form content challenges, launched this month, winning over global pet owners. XOOX commenced its service with an advertisement in New York’s Times Square, underscoring its exclusive focus on our four-legged companions.

XOOX operates uniquely under pet accounts through Pet ID registration devised by XOOX’s global research and AI teams, including veterinary experts worldwide, utilizing innovative biometric identification techniques such as eyelid patterns and eye wrinkles. XOOX’s research team stated, “Through Pet ID, pets are recognized as account users on XOOX, allowing them to engage in various activities such as pet registration, insurance, health management, and making friends,” adding, “To enhance the accuracy of biometric recognition, we adopted a method that is a step up from nose prints and iris scans.”

In XOOX, pets become influencers through their IDs, boosting visibility by sharing their daily lives, engaging with followers, and participating in short-form content challenges. They earn points for various activities, usable in connected apps, for creating avatars, and for product purchases. Pet owners, known as Petlers, manage their pets’ IDs and support them in their activities. Striving to foster a positive shift in attitudes toward pets, XOOX welcomes individuals who currently do not own pets to also join. However, posting content is not a feature available to them at this time. Peter Kim, Technical Advisor at XOOX, said, “XOOX aims to create a positive space where modern individuals can escape from complicated reality and connect with their pets.” Kim added, “XOOX will allow pets to create more memories with their Petlers by utilizing a storyscaping approach and unique and informative services.”

The world of XOOX is full of exclusive content for pets. Its most popular music app (XOOX M) lets Petlers to select music that suits the pet’s preferences. The app, created through content development by XOOX’s music content affiliate Jo studios (CEO: Woojin Cho), is designed for pets waiting for their owners and currently hosts over 3,000 songs. Petlers can also create and upload their own music, earning points for popularity, which can be spent by their pets. XOOX M ensures a pet-friendly listening experience at a comfortable decibel level.

Additionally, a product developed with Push Pull System (CEO: Sungmyon Song) is in the works. By analyzing and utilizing deep learning techniques, it will determine whether pets truly enjoy music and do not perceive it as noise. The product will seamlessly sync with pet cameras and speakers, offering personalized music recommendations for your pets.

As a pet owner, it is worth paying attention to the app’s current launch promotion. In celebration of the launch, XOOX is giving away 10,000 free urine test kits to account holders worldwide. These test kits provide a simple way to detect illnesses through animal urine, making them ideal for pets in areas with limited access to veterinary care, helping to maintain the well-being of your beloved pets.

Furthermore, based on the launch of the pet urine diagnostic kit app with Medi Cloud, a global genetic analysis company based on NGS technology, XOOX will also launch applications that link pet DNA and MBTI.

Upon registration, 1 cent is automatically donated to the XOOX Foundation. These contributions will be directed towards campaigns across the globe aiming to positively influence pet-related legislation. With XOOX empowering pets to play a central role in our world, there is a strong belief that it will significantly contribute to creating a more supportive and pet-friendly environment.




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