A father drives his car and hits a teenager, causing his leg to be severed. He is angry that his son was hit. It is discovered that he hit the wrong person.

Khon Kaen, A 37-year-old father drives a pickup truck to clear up the issue of a group of teenagers attacking his 13-year-old son, but the opposing party refuses to stop talking. So he drove his car and hit one person, breaking his leg. He was accused of attempted murder and hit the wrong person because he was not the one who attacked his son.

This incident happened on the night of November 11th. On Chum Phae-Chink Road Ban Nong Phai Nuea, Chum Phae District, Khon Kaen Province, Mr. Sarawut, 37 years old, drove a pickup truck and crashed into a motorcycle until it was completely destroyed. while the pickup truck that caused the accident fell on the side of the road. As a result, 3 teenagers who were sitting on the back of a motorcycle were injured, their right leg was broken and their left leg was broken.

Most recently this past afternoon (13 Nov.) Mr. Paisan Wongjiwasakul, acting Chum Phae District Chief. Bring the basket to visit the injured Mr. Aun. As for the injured person's case, it will be handled until the end. and wants the person who caused the crime to come and compensate for his disability

Mr. Aun confirmed that he did not participate in the physical attack on the pickup truck driver's son. Just went as a friend to clear up problems at the Nong Phai Nuea village headman's house. While driving two motorcycles together, the other party's vehicle physically attacked a 13-year-old boy who was riding together. He was startled by the sound of villagers shouting to point out the person who had committed the crime. So he drove away. His car, the third passenger, followed him before a pickup truck hit him. It is confirmed that it was not an accident but an intentional collision. When the crash finished, there was a sound of cursing. He asked that we just ask each other first to know the root cause. He didn't have to lose his leg. become disabled I still don't know how to live my life after this. Because it is the main pillar in providing for the family. I am a gas pump employee, earning 325 baht per day. Disability may cause me to be unemployed.

The driver of the pickup truck did not flee. Claiming not to have intended to collide Just drive the car. Lowered the window and yelled at the teenager who attacked his 13-year-old son to stop talking and reconciling the problem. At that moment, he kept looking at the car behind him. Didn't pay attention and caused an accident. The reason for the chase was because there was a double-crossing of cars. Loud noise and want to come and talk and agree on the problem

Police Lieutenant Colonel Krittidet Suphan, deputy superintendent (investigation) of Chum Phae Police Station, said the accused denies it. Claiming it was not intentional Just drive them to agree on the problem. But there was an accident and they collided with each other first. But various surrounding witnesses including the testimony of the three injured witnesses and evidence at the scene Indicates intent to collide After the incident was finished, the accused said things like that if he had not harmed his child, he would not have this fate. The other two people who were not slightly injured fled to save their lives. Mr. Aun was left with a severed leg at the scene of the accident. Police charged him with attempted murder and property damage. And today the accused was taken to be detained at Chum Phae Provincial Court for the first time. Along with stating that he wants this case to serve as a lesson. Because the beginning of the story is just a drop of honey. The accused's son was not seriously injured. It should be easy to come to an agreement. But it escalated Must be accused of attempted murder The other party lost a leg. Becoming disabled.

Source: Thai News Agency

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