“Anusorn” points out that “Thaksin” raised morale to work for the country.

Bangkok, "Anusorn" points out that this year's Songkran will be lively, "Thaksin" will boost morale. As for Cabinet adjustments, will they be fast or slow? Adjust small or large Holding on to the interests of the people is important Mr. Anusorn Iam-sa-at, member of the House of Representatives on a party list basis, Pheu Thai Party (P.T.), mentioned the case of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former prime minister. Traveled to make merit and participate in Songkran activities in Chiang Mai Province, where the minister Including many members of the House of Representatives (MPs) of the Pheu Thai Party joining in the activity that Songkran tradition It is a tradition that has value and cultural importance to express love. family ties It is a beautiful tradition of gentleness, generosity, gratitude, and mutual respect. It clearly reflects Thainess. Mr. Thaksin has been away from home for 18 years, so many people love and miss him. As a former Prime Minister with tangible past work and many achievements Therefore, he i s concerned about the nation and has useful observations and suggestions. Including giving encouragement to both ministers and members of the House of Representatives. Political personnel in various dimensions To go to work quickly to solve problems for the country and the people. 'This year's Songkran is juicy all over Thailand. The economy has spread 200 billion baht. From now on, the government will have many more measures to stimulate the economy. In 7 months, we can still do this much. From now on, let's be confident that the government will be able to solve problems for the people in every dimension,' Mr. Anusorn said. Mr. Anusorn also mentioned the news about the cabinet reshuffle after the Songkran festival that Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance as head of government When working for a while, changing workers to be able to answer problems. consistent with the situation It is something that the Prime Minister has full authority to adjust the Cabinet, fast or slow, big adjust ments or small adjustments. Please be confident that adjustments will be made based on the interests of the people. Mr. Settha is a professional Prime Minister who has achieved many successes. They can accurately analyze and assess the situation to determine which Cabinet adjustments should be made, how and when. and believe that there will be no ripple effect or lead to conflict in the government in any way 'Creating an atmosphere for competition in work based on the benefits of the nation and the people is important. It will cause the minister to hasten to work within a limited period of time and believe that when the Prime Minister makes a decision, all parties will be ready to accept it and continue to work for the people as best they can,' Mr. Anusorn said. Source: Thai News Agency

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