‘Big Tor’ sends a lawyer to file a lawsuit against ‘Lawyer Tum’ exposing the connection to gambling money.

Bangkok: "Big Tor" sends "Atchariya" to go ahead and hit "Lawyer Tum" in the first round, filing a lawsuit for defamation. Asking for damages of 5 million baht after being accused of having money from a gambling website linked to people close to the police commander. Mr. Atchariya Ruangrattanaphong President of the Crime Victims Assistance Club along with Mr. Siriphong Phongphansuk Former Prosecutor of the High Court Region 1 as head of the lawyer's team Pol. Gen. Torsak Sukwimon or "Big Tor", Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Came to file a lawsuit against Mr. Sitra Biabangkerd or "Attorney Tum" at the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court. Mr. Atchariya said he received a power of attorney from the Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police. Provide a team of lawyers and press conference on personal matters. with the appointment of Mr. Siriphong Phongphansuk The former prosecutor of the High Court Region 1 is the leader of the legal team suing Lawyer Tum for defamation. The court will initially accept a prelimin ary investigation on June 10 at 1:30 p.m. by Pol. Gen. Torsak. Will come to the first hearing of the lawsuit in person. Previously, Police General Torsak Tell yourself That Attorney Tum Coming out and speaking about such matters is beneficial so that the facts can be proved in court. If proven to be truly guilty, they are willing to take responsibility according to the justice process. In addition, he is also willing to go in and clarify the facts according to the process. After Attorney Tam filed the case Pol. Maj. Gen. Charoonkiat Pankaew, Deputy Commissioner of the Central Investigation Bureau Check yourself and is willing to provide information to the Prime Minister's inspection team set up to investigate this matter. As for this lawsuit, it is confirmed that it is not a lawsuit to resolve the issue. to enter into outside discussions Confirming that there will be no mediation because Police General Torsak want to prove the truth In addition to filing a criminal case, there is also a civil lawsuit asking for damages in the amount of 5 million baht. As for the evidence about the money line at Attorney Tum previously disclosed I checked and found that It is evidence obtained illegally. Police and district officials were used. and officials of government agencies to obtain personal information from the civil registration of Police commander and family There is information that they hacked into and looked at the information of Pol. Gen. Torsak 20 times, while his wife looked at the information 40 times, including going into the system to look at the information. Pol. Gen. Kittirat Panphet, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police as well. and other Deputy Commissioners of the Royal Thai Police as well Since the year 2023-2024, it is believed that government officials are working together in this matter. In order to get this information As for Lawyer Tum Underestimating oneself in the matter of losing the case Sued for defamation 6 times. Mr. Atchariya said that Attorney Tum did not say all the information. Previously, there have been 25 lawsuits filed, and some cases have not yet been finalized and are still in the appeals stage. As for Mr. Siriphong Head of the lawyer's team Police General Torsak It is not related to the case that he has previously filed a lawsuit against. As for the case of Attorney Tum Inviting himself to be on the same team to investigate corruption in the receipt of tributes, Mr. Atchariya said that if it came in an honest and transparent manner, he would be happy. But from what he had heard, it was floating information with no evidence, causing damage to the Police Commander. Mr. Siriphong, the lawyer, said that from the evidence given by Lawyer Tum Bringing a statement with no information at all. It is just creating false evidence. If you have real information, you should file a complaint against the accused person. At the same time, if examined and found to have actually committed a crime, it will be accepted. As for the acquisition of information, if it is obtained illegally, will it be considered invalid or not? The lawyer said Must prove first If it is found that the information disclosed is to be examined It is illegal information Legally, it cannot be used in any legal proceeding. New evidence must be requested. from government officials correctly first The lawyer said After talking with Police General Torsak The client has no concerns. Confirm that the information that Attorney Tum received is false. Therefore decided to file a lawsuit. Because he is confident in the evidence that he will be able to fight the case. Source: Thai News Agency

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