“Chanin” points out that discussion 152 must be creative.

Bangkok, "Chanin" traps the opposition in discussing 152. They must be creative, pointing out that the government is not worried. It's not even 10 months yet and there's already plenty of work. Mr. Chanin Rungthanakiat List of MPs and Deputy Spokesperson of the Pheu Thai Party As government whip Addressing opposition whips' concerns that the government will cancel the debate under Section 152 to get back at the quorum being counted last Thursday (March 28), he said opposition whips don't need to get agitated yet. Because as for the government whip, there has not yet been a discussion on this matter. As for the discussion in the House of Representatives, the response from the government side in the House is It didn't come from anger at the quorum count. because of the voting at that time The government finally had a sufficient quorum to approve the study report. But it came from frustration that there was a non-compliance with the agreement between the whips. Therefore, we must express our concern that If Fai objects, choose to do it like this. In the future, how can we trust the agreements between them? Mr. Chanin said that as for the general discussion without voting according to Section 152 that will take place on April 3-4, he personally has no concerns and is confident that all Cabinet members can explain their own work. Because in less than 10 months, the opposition members had previously claimed that the country could wait. The government led by Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, has made a remarkable achievement. Both in terms of restoring confidence both at home and abroad. Reducing the cost of living burden for the people Reduce farmer debt and increase income through increasing agricultural product prices. Increase income for the country through opening the doors to tourism. Attracting world-class events Raise the level of Thai products Negotiating to open the door for international trade Increase confidence in the international eyes Until leading to the export value growing every quarter. The number of investments is increasing. and the trade agreement or FTA with Sri Lanka that ended quickly "The work of the government We focus on doing politics creatively. By using the work as the location The government is ready to explain and listen to suggestions from all parties. I only ask the opposition to keep the debate on point. Do not refer to outsiders who do not have the right to explain in the House. or focus only on creating non-creative discourse I believe that this discussion will be smooth. and is truly beneficial to the administration of the country,' Mr. Chanin said. Source: Thai News Agency

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