Chemical explosion in longan orchard Whole house destroyed, 2 dead, 1 seriously

Chiang Mai, Potassium chlorate Explosion in longan orchard, Phrao District, Chiang Mai Province, entire house destroyed. Two people died and another one was injured. Officials are investigating to determine the cause.

last evening There was an explosion in a house in a longan orchard, Ban Chai Ngam, Village No. 9, Mae Van Subdistrict, Phrao District, Chiang Mai Province. The entire house was damaged. Two cars were damaged, one person died and one was seriously injured. Officials brought a fire truck to spray water. Put out the fire and take the injured person to Phrao District Hospital.

The president of Mae Van Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Phrao District, revealed that the scene of the incident was a house in a longan orchard. It is about 500 meters away from the community. Before the incident, the sister of the owner of Lamma Garden came to see the workers, who were foreign workers. Loading potassium chlorate Packed in bags of 1 kilogram per bag to put in longan gardens. But an explosion occurred. This resulted in the deaths of 2 women and their bodies were thrown and stuck on a longan branch. And one foreign male worker was seriously injured. Police are in the process of investigating the scene.

Source: Thai News Agency

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