Democrat Party asks to investigate 10 government officials

Parliament, "Jurin" reveals the Democrat Party's total, asks for a general debriefing of the 10-member government, does not expect change. The reason is not a debate of no confidence, whether or not to adjust the Cabinet or not depends on the Prime Minister. Watch the Senators have a good discussion. Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, list of MPs Democrat Party Gave an interview about preparations for the general government debate. Without voting according to Section 152 of the Constitution, as for the Democrat Party, there were 10 people who submitted an intention to debate, with himself being one of them. which will be discussed according to facts and according to tradition To reflect to the government that there are things that need to be fixed. It is considered the duty of the opposition to check the government. Insist on doing your best and perfection. 'Whether it will result in change or not remains to be seen. It depends on the government how much they will listen. Because in the end it is up to the government to decide which way to manage it. which the opposition can only criticize Reflect the problem to the government to see what needs to be fixed. But whether it will be fixed or not is up to the government,' Mr. Jurin said. When asked if any corruption information had been found, Mr. Jurin said that the no-confidence debate had not yet occurred. This time it was just a discussion according to Section 152, so there were limitations according to the constitution as to what could be said. Therefore, the constitution had to be followed. As for the general discussion of both MPs and senators, will it be an excuse for adjusting the Prime Minister's Cabinet (Cabinet) or not? Mr. Jurin said that adjusting or not depends on the government. But from following the debate of the Senators, it was seen that it was explained well. He admires in his heart that many things can be reflected in the government's administration of affairs. However, he does not wish to evaluate the work of the past government because the people and have already evaluated it. The results of various surveys and polls reflect how it is. Source: Thai News Agency

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