Father takes action against son’s school friend for using fake IG to show off his private parts

Bangkok, Parents of a 15-year-old boy stormed the police station and reported that 10 of their children's schoolmates had been arrested for falsely impersonating women on Instagram to flirt with their child. Before posting secret photos to shame This made my son embarrassed to the point of depression and having to transfer schools.

The father of a 15 year old boy and Mr. Pornsak Wipas Aphanon or Lawyer Tui brought photographic evidence and chat conversations. This is information against 10 youths who study at the same school as his son. Meet with the investigator Wang Thonglang Police Station to report wrongdoing The base imports obscene data into the computer system. and that information is accessible to the general public

The father of a 15-year-old boy says he wants to take action against his son's friend on the charges at the end of July. Three of my son's friends created fake accounts and profiles as women. or a hole account on Instagram Come and invite your son to talk and trick him into falling in love. Then tricked his son into sending him a picture of his penis. Before having another group of 7 fellow students who were in the same class but in different rooms come and help spread the pictures on social media.

When the son found out, he felt ashamed, paranoid, and didn't dare go to school. and had severe depression To the point of having to take him to see a psychiatrist. Even though the child is normally a cheerful child being an activity child In the end, the father had to have his son withdraw from school and on November 25th he had to take him to see a psychiatrist. To check your mental state again Because even though several months have passed, the child's mental state is still worrisome. Moreover, in the past, all 10 children never apologized to their son. It makes you feel like everyone isn't repentant. Today it is necessary to take legal action.

The father of the 10 students "doesn't understand" and had many opportunities to apologize but didn't do them.

As for the parents of the 10 children, the lawyer gave information that We have made an appointment to talk. The parents of the 10 children said they would pay 50,000 baht for this matter, but the victims' families think that is not yet the case. because the son was treated Must see a psychiatrist In addition, he had to quit school.

Source: Thai News Agency

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