Happy “Pin Kejmanee” returns to using “Miss” again.

Nine Entertainment, Pin Kejmanee is happy to use "Miss" again, waiting many years before quitting. The reason the child asked for time From now on, please stay still. Skilled actor: Pin Kejmanee Phichainarongsongkram Came out to open up completely for the first time on WOODY FM after divorcing her ex-husband with whom she had been together for almost 30 years. They have 3 lovely children together. Pin said that in the past she received only positive energy. There's nothing bad about it. Family problems must already exist. There may be some that are normal for humans. Family problems must already exist. This has been Miss Miss for exactly 1 year (laughs). I have returned to being young again. Seriously, we have been lovers for almost 30 years. I never thought that this picture would happen. Before separating, the first thing I thought of was my child. We talked all the time. You know everything all the time. we are friends While we are in the peak period You take good care of all of us. You are so cute. Yo u have become an adult. While holding the knee and talking to the child There were times when all three of them talked at the same time and there were times when they talked separately. As I said, it was something that happened gradually and the child saw everything. But we used to talk about being friends. To which he said he was not ready yet. Can I enter university first? Now I'm a Miss. Have you started having feelings for other men yet? Honestly speaking, I don't want it at all. And no one came to flirt with me. It's the fact that I've had the same boyfriend for almost 30 years and suddenly wants me to have someone to talk to. There was a little bit of Tom doing something. We felt unfamiliar. I talked to my child. My child told me to just stay still. Source: Thai News Agency

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