It is believed that Thailand draws hundreds of thousands of tourists to watch the music festival.

Government House, "Prime Minister - Pae Thongthan" announces that Thailand will host the Summer Sonic Bangkok music festival, confident that it will draw more than 300,000 tourists as much as Japan, asking the media to help promote it. Point out creating income in many ways. Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chaired the press conference for the event "Summer Sonic Bangkok 2024" with Ms. Paetongtan Shinawatra, Pheu Thai Party leader. As Vice Chairman of the National Softpower Strategy Committee and Naoki Shimizu, founder of SUMMER SONIC and CEO of Creativeman Productions, Mr. Otaka Masato, Chargé d'Affaires of Japan in Thailand, attended the press conference. The Prime Minister said he is very pleased that the world-class music festival SUMMER SONIC is coming to Thailand for the first time. Under the name SUMMER SONIC BANGKOK 2024 between 24-25 August 2024, it is the first official event outside of Japan. And SUMMER SONIC in Japan welcomes more than 350,000 tourists per year, which is an important mechanism for Promote tourism in Japan He is very pleased that Thailand will have the opportunity to organize such an event. Responding to being a Tourism Hub according to the Ignite Thailand vision that was announced, he thanked Mr. Naoki and the Japanese government for recognizing Thailand's potential for organizing this event. The Prime Minister said that the SUMMER SONIC event will be an opportunity for Thai artists with a love for music. Inserting Thainess Show it off for the world to know. Including making Thailand an important landmark in the music world The government is ready to support SUMMER SONIC BANGKOK 2024 to make it a success in Thailand and to become a warm second home. We are ready to provide convenience to artists and attendees. Both government agencies and the private sector will join in pushing the festival to be a success in order to create good memories for everyone who attends. 'I would like to invite Thais and foreigners from around the world who love music festivals to attend SUMMER SONIC BANGKOK 2024 this August. There will be more than 20 artist bands throughout the 2 full days of performances and we would like to send our encouragement to Thai artists and artists from abroad who will perform their excellent work at this event as well. I am confident that organizing this event will definitely develop the Thai tourism industry to become a World Event Destination,' the Prime Minister said. Ms. Pae Thongthan said she was very happy to know that Thailand is going to have Summer Sonic, a world-class music festival. This August Music festivals are events that, when organized, represent economic opportunities. Also known as Festival economy, an event that will gather tens of thousands of people, including Thais and foreigners, and will drive the economy in many dimensions. Whether it be travel, hotel accommodation, food, small shops or various businesses. It is also an exchange of knowledge regarding music festivals between entrepreneurs, experts, workers, and artists who wi ll further develop their own work. This will be very beneficial to the development of the potential of Thailand's music industry in the long run. 'Summer Sonic will be a festival that gives emerging artists around the world an opportunity to meet their fans in Asia and an opportunity for Thai artists to showcase their world-class artistic potential. Many people before becoming famous had the opportunity to perform on this stage before. It is considered a very important music festival in Asia. As the government, Sonic Bangkok is important to the development of Thailand as a Festival Hub of the region. It is a good starting point for the government to join with the private sector in developing the festival industry so that Thailand is well prepared to organize festivals. climb through various policies Designing space for holding various concerts in the future,' Ms. Pae Thongthan said. Ms. Pae Thongthan said that revising regulations that are obstacles to the development of human development in organizing even ts. and many government matters Can facilitate the organization of music festivals. which the National Soft Power Committee in our Subcommittee on Music and Festivals is pushing for. As Vice Chairman of the National Softpower Strategy Committee I would like to thank and express my admiration and encouragement to the organizers for pushing for this festival to happen in Thailand. 'The Thai private sector has the ability to create good opportunities like this for Thailand. And we hope that 'Summer Sonic Bangkok 2024' in this first year will be a good starting point and be a part of Thailand for further development in the future,' said Ms. Pae Thongthan. After the press conference Reporters asked the Prime Minister about the music festival. Will there be a large number of tourists like the 350,000 in Japan? The Prime Minister He said confidently that he would definitely get it because it was his first time leaving the country. Ask the media to help promote it as well. Tourists will come in large numbers. Sou rce: Thai News Agency

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