No authority to approve or disapprove of party policies

IMPACT, "Itthiphon" explains after the senator protested the Election Commission not doing anything. Digital currency policy Wallet doesn't match the cover. Emphasize that the law does not give authority to approve political party policies. Their job is to look at campaign spending. Mr. Itthiporn Boonprakong, Chairman of the Election Commission (ECT), gave an interview during the general debate of the Senate (Senate), which protested the work of the Election Commission that was indulging in digital currency policy. Government Wallet has explained this many times. What the Election Commission can do I want you to look at Section 57 of the Political Party Act. which defines the duties of political parties and defines the duties of the Election Commission. 'The duty of political parties is to determine policies that will be used in advertisements and announcements. Political parties must take into account the opinions of political party representatives. Which policy will require money? There must be a list of expenses, limits, benefits, worthiness, risks, and impacts. If the information is not complete according to these items, The Election Commission has the duty to notify all submissions. But the law doesn't say that The Election Commission has the authority to consider giving approval or disapproval,' the Election Commission president said. When asked what measures the Election Commission will have in the future to monitor the policies of political parties, Mr. Itthiphon said that currently the law does not yet give the Election Commission authority. But if in the future the law gives power The Election Commission must perform this duty. Source: Thai News Agency

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