“Nong Mina” departs for a new home in the province. Already in Lampang

Chachoengsao, The National Parks Department has moved “Nong Mina” to live with her mother at the National Kotchaban Institute. under royal patronage and is expected to arrive at its new home late tomorrow. While at Chang Hospital Lampang Province is preparing to take care of wild elephant calves. After the 14-day disease surveillance period has elapsed, they will be allowed to familiarize themselves with "Mother Rab".

Mr. Kongkiat Temtamnan, Director of the Conservation Area Administration Office 2 (Sriracha), said he received a report from the V.M. Matchamon Kaewphruhaschai, expert veterinarian Head of Wildlife Rescue Center 2 (Krabok Khu), who is overseeing the transport of the wild elephant calf "Pang Mina", departed from Wildlife Rescue Center 2 (Krabok Khu), Tha Takiab District. Chachoengsao Province At approximately 6:00 p.m.

The overall condition of "Nong Mina" is normal, interested in her environment and not afraid. The inside of the vehicle is lined with straw to protect from the cold weather and keep the baby elephants warm while traveling.

There will be a stop to drink milk mixed with blended pellets every 2 hours. It is expected that we will arrive at the Kochaban Institute. under royal patronage (Thai Slow Conservation Center) at approximately 9:00 a.m. tomorrow (29 November 2023)

Mr. Prasit Kerdto, Deputy Director of the Forest Industry Organization (F.I.) and F.I.P. spokesperson. Discussing preparations for welcoming "Nong Mina) to live with "Mother Rab" at the National Kochabal Institute. under royal patronage (Thai Elephant Conservation Center) Lampang Province that the Elephant Hospital, Thai Elephant Conservation Center will provide the elephant "Pang Saen Dee", which will be considered "Mother Rap", to receive a health check and important communicable diseases. Meanwhile, Nong Mina must enter the disease surveillance process for 14 days according to animal movement regulations. Samples must be collected to check health and check for important infectious diseases in elephants as well.

For places designated as places under disease surveillance It has been determined that the small elephant enclosure area in the area of the elephant and mahout training school will be used. By having the mahout take care of you 24 hours a day.

After going through the disease surveillance process, no contagious infection was found in both the mother elephant and the baby elephant. So let's get acquainted. They will be under the care of the mahout and veterinarian at the National Elephant Institute. under royal patronage

While allowing the baby elephant to adjust to the new place Only personnel with relevant duties are allowed into the baby elephant care area to ensure good care and minimal stress for the little elephants. This will result in adapting to the new place quickly.

Source: Thai News Agency

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