Operation on the 5th day has still not found the bodies of the missing Royal Sukhothai sailors.

The operation to search for and release hazardous materials from the HTMS Sukhothai on the 5th day has not yet found the bodies of the missing personnel. February 26, 2024, which is an operation. Search for and remove hazardous substances from the HTMS Sukhothai on the 5th day by a joint operation of the Royal Thai Navy and the US Navy on the ship Ocean Valor floating near the site where the HTMS Sukhothai sank. In the area of Bang Saphan District Prachuap Khiri Khan Province has 4 diving trips with a mission to search for missing persons. and examine evidence for the investigation in various areas inside the ship as follows: Trip 1: Around the entrance to the main machinery room from the stern. Trip 2: Inside the main machinery room . Trip 3: Inside the messenger's room . Trip 4: Inside the quartermaster's room (The fifth trip was canceled due to congestion. climate) The results of the operation were smooth. All personnel are safe. From operations until now Still no missing person trapped in the boat has been found. for tomorrow's operations There will be 5 joint diving operations to remove dangerous objects. Harpoon missile system and torpedo system of the Royal Sukhothai ship The Royal Thai Navy has released the latest images of the HTMS Sukhothai. Inside the large machinery room to search for the body of the deceased But until now It does not appear that any missing bodies have been found in the area. Rear Admiral Wirudom Muangjeen, spokesman for the Royal Thai Navy, revealed that the joint operation Between the Thai Navy and the United States Navy, this time the important objective is to survey, examine witnesses and evidence to support the results of the investigation into the facts of the shipwreck incident. Searching for missing people who may be stuck on a boat Making U.S. military equipment no longer able to use and the removal of certain equipment and munitions, including the recovery of items of sentimental value to military personnel. for operations with the United States This time the entir e ship will not be recovered from the water. The current operation is still according to the plan discussed with the US side. no change or any problems in performing the duties.-313-Thai News Agency Source: Thai News Agency

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