Personal manager reveals “Nok Jariya” posted a complaint about work stress.

Nine Entertainment, Personal manager reveals "Nok Jariya" posted a complaint because he was stressed about work. Preparing to become a nun on April 6th, 15 days. Many people are quite worried. When the drama producer-senior actor "Nok Jariya" posted a picture of a black screen with the message "Enough" and "Come back to love yourself." The Nine Entertainment news team called directly to his personal manager, revealing, 'P'Nok is stressed about work that many things are not finished yet. Because P'Nok will enter the ceremony to be ordained as a nun at Sathian Dhammasathan on April 6th, approximately 15 days. It was P'Nok's intention for a long time that he wanted to ordain to make merit and practice Dhamma for his father who passed away. So try to finish all the work. Until you may put too much pressure on yourself and become stressed. Source: Thai News Agency

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