Police commander confirms that he will continue the hunt for “Sia Paeng”, pointing out that the sergeant exam quota helps save budget.

Bangkok, Police Commander-in-Chief "Pol. Gen. Torsak" ordered his team to rush to coordinate with "Sia Pang" to surrender after New Year, insisting he will not abandon him, along with providing a team of spokespersons. Police explain progress Points out that opening the exam for sergeants from discharged conscripts will help save money and time. Having the basics takes a little time to practice. Pol. Gen. Torsak Sukwimon, Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Confirm that you won't abandon it. Order to expedite the search for Mr. Chaowalit. or Sia Pang Thongduang. After the Phatthalung Provincial Court sentenced him to life imprisonment along with 5 people in a case of conspiring to murder an official in 2019, will it make it difficult to trace him or not? The team has been assigned to coordinate quickly to find clues to the exact location and to coordinate the surrender after the new year. If there is progress, it will be assigned to the Royal Thai Police spokesperson team. Explain progress to the media It is in the process of laying down guidelines for giving news to the media. He himself understands the profession of the media and emphasizes that this matter will definitely not be quiet. However, Police General Torsak Has revealed the progress of the case where there is a most urgent document at ??.0461.17/3048 regarding requesting assistance from the Royal Thai Police (Police) to consider the proportion of police cadets from the regular military. After being released from active duty, As for the Royal Thai Police Office It is considered that there is a huge shortage of manpower. In the past, the police had to pay quite a lot of expenses per manpower training. It takes approximately one and a half years for one person to complete the training course. In such issue The police have had this project before in the three southern border provinces, where the police accept retired conscripts to carry out operations. However, in order to receive personnel Those personnel must first take an entrance exam according to the same system as civilians. Pol.Gen. Torsak further said that the conscripts who were discharged from duty When applying and taking the exam After the selection process, the police will train for only 8 months. Therefore, in the 8 months saved, it is considered that the police can save on expenses. The police consider that the Army itself has already helped in screening people. Passed training according to the military curriculum I have to admit that during the past COVID outbreak The police are not recruiting cadets at all, so manpower will disappear. When calculating the police-to-population ratio, it is considered uneven. Some areas have one police officer for every 8,000 people. While news reports from the Army revealed that the Army had originally prepared this matter after Soldiers released from active duty and intend to take the entrance exam for the Army, Navy, and Air Force cadets. The Army therefore has a quota for soldiers released from active duty. Entered the competitive exam as a quota for each army. In the case of taking the police cadet entrance exam The Royal Thai Army has gone to talk and coordinate with the Royal Thai Police. By the Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Initially, a quota of 1,000 positions may be approved. Each year, the Royal Thai Police Office Will accept 5,000 cadets.

Source: Thai News Agency

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