Sad! Mentally ill young man kills and burns his own father

Rayong, Mentally ill child kills his own father. Before the body was taken for cremation, it was discovered that he was missing medication and did not receive treatment continuously. Confessed that he committed the crime because he was angry at being scolded by his father.

This sad incident occurred at a house in the middle of a rubber plantation, Village No. 10, Nong Bua Subdistrict, Ban Khai District, Rayong Province. At the scene, the body of Mr. Noo Kan, age 63, was found in a pile of fire ash covered with wooden sheets and pieces of wood. The corpse's condition was charred and blackened. As for the culprit He is the son of the deceased, named Mr. Phongchai, aged 34 years. After the incident he hid in the house. Close the door quietly A police officer went and knocked on the door. He refused to come out. The officer tried to persuade him one last time. Mr. Phongchai opened the door. But he refused to say anything. I just sat still. The officers then detained him for questioning at the police station.

Nang Nuanchan side wife of the deceased and is the mother of the perpetrator When he came back and saw the incident, his knees collapsed and he fainted. He testified that he had been out doing work since morning. Leaving the son with two fathers The father recently had one leg amputated because he was diabetic. When walking, you must use a walker. He didn't expect his son to cause a tragedy. He also admitted that his son had suffered from schizophrenia and had been treated at a hospital in Khon Kaen province many years ago, but in the past his son had never had an angry episode. and can also help tap rubber So I don't know what the cause of this incident was.

Initially, police assumed that It may be caused by the child's schizophrenia relapse. and is expected to use his father's walking support He hit his father until he was unconscious. before the body was cremated Because of such equipment There are bent marks.

Today (20 Nov.) officials from the Rayong Provincial Justice Office went to talk with Nang Nuanchan. along with notification of benefits in receiving compensation for crime victims according to law The initial amount was approximately 100,000 baht and the police questioned Nang Nuanchan. which admits that The son who caused the crime Had a psychiatric illness more than 10 years ago. I once went to pick up medicine from a hospital in Khon Kaen. But after moving to live in Rayong Province 5-6 years ago, his son said that his condition has improved. and never showed any symptoms Therefore he did not go to get medicine to take continuously and confirmed that his son was not involved with any type of drugs. Including not drinking alcohol. There is only smoking tobacco.

Personally, the son who caused the incident Open your mouth and confess that He was the one who killed his father because he was angry at being scolded. He grabbed a walker and pressed his neck until he lost consciousness. before lifting the body into a Saleng truck with a sidecar Used to pile up wood scraps and set fire to the rubber plantation next to the house. After that, the police took the perpetrator to make a detailed plan. Before being brought back to be detained at Nongkrap Police Station, he refused to speak to anyone. Kept quiet in the prison room. through the investigative officer Will be taken to court for remand tomorrow (21 Nov.) on charges of murdering parents, concealing, moving or destroying the corpse to conceal the cause of death.

There is an opinion from Dr. Yongyut Wongpiromsant. An advisor to the Department of Mental Health said that the cause of this patient's violence was It's because of lack of medicine. This is something that families and communities must take care of together. Statistics show that only 5% of patients suffering from mental illness and substance abuse have ever committed domestic violence. All of which are caused by being sick and not receiving treatment or missing medication or missing continuous treatment. Symptoms will recur and can cause violence But on the other hand If these patients are sent into the treatment system Violence is unlikely to occur.

Dr. Yongyut also said that if there is a problem with treatment You should seek advice from the public health system. Currently, there is already mental health care at every level. From the level of the Subdistrict Health Promoting Hospital (Subdistrict Health Promoting Hospital) to the level of the Provincial Hospital. You can receive medicine to treat psychiatric illnesses at the Subdistrict Health Promotion Hospital without having to pay a fee. Because it is a disease that is in the national health insurance system But if the family doesn't understand or not having access to treatment There should be a community to help take care of it.

In addition, I want society to understand that Problems of family violence Most are not caused by psychiatric patients. Only 5% are caused by patients who do not receive treatment. or lack of medicine or treatment The remaining 95% comes from the general public. who have mental health problems within the family which is often an offense that is reproduced Including violence against children, against women and the elderly. Currently, despite the existence of the Act to Prevent and Solve Domestic Violence, That can help victims come out of violence without having to face a criminal case. But families in trouble often don't come forward to ask for help themselves. Therefore, it must be monitored and looked after by the community. Including the health service system And the school too. Don't look at it as just a family matter. If we take care of each other Domestic violence will have an immediate solution.

Source: Thai News Agency

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