Super Poll releases survey results “Government Opportunities and Cyber Threats”

Bangkok, Super Poll releases opinion poll results. “Government Opportunities and Cyber Threats” found a problem that urgently needs addressing: online fraudsters. Suan Dusit Poll side Revealing the results of a survey on the dependencies of Thai people today.

Starting with the Superpole When asked about the financial status of everyone in the family together Comparing last year with the present during the same period, it was found that a large number or 40.6 percent were worse, 38.5 percent were the same, and only 20.9 percent were better.

The survey also found that Problems/dangers that people want the government to solve urgently When comparing cyber threats and non-cyber threats, it was found that cyber thieves and online fraudsters were 60.0% more urgent problems. Drug problems accounted for 56.6 percent, while problems with belongings, expensive products, and water, electricity, gas, and telephone bills accounted for 68.2 percent and 62.6 percent, respectively. In addition, there were also urgent problems/cyber threats. The second place is Tricked into lending money online: 59.1 percent, links to lure victims Tricking/taking money 55.6 percent, online gambling 53.2 percent, these cyber threats It is a problem that people want the government to solve urgently, no different from drugs and illegal debt. that were 56.6 percent and 54.5 percent

What is worth considering is The problem is a shortage of personnel to help victims of cyber threats, as high as 50.0 percent, and debt in the system with high interest. People in severe distress accounted for as much as 52.8 percent.

When asked about the length of time the people gave the government a chance to work It was found that the people gave the government under the leadership of Mr. Settha Thavisin an opportunity to work more in every time frame until the term expired. That's because the financial situation of many citizens has worsened. And experiencing cyber disasters has become a more serious problem. Overtaking drug problems and informal debt Because the cyber threat problem has reached the hands of almost the entire country, it is a danger in the hands of the people.

Suan Dusit Poll side A survey of public opinions on "Thai people's refuge today" found that from having to face various problems, people feel a great need for refuge, 52.34 percent.

The matter that needs refuge the most is the matter of expensive things. The cost of living was high at 57.79 percent, followed by the economic downturn at 55.14 percent, and followed by work at 44.47 percent, debt problems at 41.33 percent.

In addition to relying on oneself, the people who are thought to be the most dependable are family and respected elders (61.43 percent), followed by close friends (28.61 percent) and sacred objects (22.48 percent).

The issue that people want to express their frustrations with the most is "When will the economy get better?" at 45.17 percent, followed by "Expensive things, not enough money" at 43.87 percent and "Criminals, thieves and criminals" at 40.52 percent.

Source: Thai News Agency

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