SET reveals additional Program Trading information starting 17 Nov.

Bangkok, Stock Exchange Ready to reveal daily trading information, Program Trading, in addition to Short Selling and NVDR information on the Stock Exchange's website. To provide investors with more information to make investment decisions starting from 17 November onwards.

Mr. Rongrak Panapawutthikul, Deputy Manager, Head of Legal Department and head of the corporate secretarial and organizational supervision group The Stock Exchange of Thailand said that the Stock Exchange See the importance of disclosing additional daily information to support investment decisions. And there is continuous development of information dissemination channels. This will allow investors to access information conveniently, quickly and according to their needs. Have enough information to make investment decisions. consistent with the current situation Stock Exchange Therefore, we present important information that investors are interested in, consisting of

1) original information that is already published, including short selling transactions and depository receipts for benefits arising from Thai underlying securities (NVDR: Non-Voting). Depository Receipt)

2) Additional information that will be published is the sending of orders to sell stocks using the Program (Program Trading). Investors can follow such information on the Stock Exchange website starting from 17 November 2023 onwards.

How to access information on the Stock Exchange website:

• Investor type:

• Program Trading: /market/statistics/program-trading-value


• Short sale transactions: https://

Investors can follow stock exchange information at Or ask for additional information and make suggestions regarding information disclosure at SET Contact Center 0-2009-9999.

In this regard

-Short selling transactions (Short Selling) are selling securities that require borrowing securities for delivery.

-Program Trading is sending orders with a computer instruction set.

-NVDR: Non-Voting Depository Receipt is a certificate. Rights to benefits arising from Thai underlying securities .

Source: Thai News Agency

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