Sirikanya asks the government to stimulate the economy Don’t wait for a digital wallet.

"Sirikanya" points out that the government's performance in the past 7 months is still too early to tell if it's good or bad. Leave your homework, speed up economic stimulation, don't wait for digital wallets. Ms. Sirikanya Tansakul, Party list MP, Kaew Klai Party, spoke about the government's work in the past 7 months that It is too early to say what has or has not been successful. There are many areas where the government does a good job. Must give credit Whether it is in the matter of helping farmers, suspending debt, including paying farmers 1,000 baht per rai, but there are many other projects that have a thought-and-go style. This creates confusion and causes people to lose confidence. Whether it is a digital money wallet project of 10,000 baht, which has been postponed many times. It has just been announced that the payment will be made in the 4th quarter of the year, but he is not at all sure whether he will actually be able to accomplish that or not. which is still unclear in many parts causing man y issues that were thought to be achievable according to the policies that had been campaigned for It turns out that they may not be able to do what they said. Ms. Sirikanya further said that many things the government should do require bigger measures, such as stimulating tourism. In the past, it was seen that only free visas were issued. which still cannot bring tourists back or generate income compared to before the COVID-19 outbreak. He wants the government to push to stimulate the economy. Build the purchasing power of citizens without having to wait until digital wallets come out in the next 6 months. because of purchasing power and the underlying economy is weakening But concentration and resources are focused on digital money and wallet policies, causing a lack of various structures to stimulate spending in the grassroots economy. Projects may also be questioned whether there are conflicts of interest or not, such as the real estate incentive project that came out. Ms. Sirikanya said that, however, it has only been 7 months. She thinks that there were various errors in the past period. There is still time to fix the problem. It is expected that within 1 year it will be in place for more than this. It must be admitted that the Prime Minister has no previous experience in public administration. There may be some jams. But I think that within 1 year you will be able to learn. Miss Siririkanya In conclusion, he said He avoids giving Grading is given numerically. Because the government hasn't really promised anything. So I don't know what to use for grading. It can be called fair enough. Source: Thai News Agency

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