“Sudarat” Aon chooses Thais to build Thais, vows to take good care of the people from birth to old age

Maha Sarakham, May 8 – "Sudarat" appeals to the people of Maha Sarakham. Choose Thai Sang Thai, number 32, green card, take "Sudarat" to serve, and the brothers and sisters will be well taken care of. From birth to old age, suffering, disappearance, poor Announcement to push for a public pension policy of 3,000 baht per month to support the aging society Let the elderly live with dignity have enough income for subsistence

at Mueang Maha Sarakham District Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan, leader of the Thai Sang Thai Party and candidate Prime Minister Thai Sang Thai Party, No. 32, along with Ms. Nonglak Thungchan, Maha Sarakham MPs candidate, Region 1, No. 8, Thai Sang Thai Party Open the stage at Mueang Maha Sarakham District With the people of Maha Sarakham interested in coming to listen to the policy energetically. Tighten the speech space for tens of thousands of people. People's brothers and sisters cheered Khunying Sudarat. to be the Prime Minister of the Northeast Let's solve the problem for the Northeastern brothers and sisters. Especially the income that is not enough for expenses. and the price of agricultural products that have been in decline for many years

Khunying Sudarat On stage, he said that the Northeast region was the largest region. most populous Isaan people are diligent to make a living. most honest but still poor and lack access to resources access to funding and has never been well taken care of by the government The Thai Sang Thai Party therefore has a policy to take care of all people's brothers and sisters from birth to old age, for example:

When pregnant until the age of 6, receive child support allowance 3,000 baht per month

Children get free education until they complete their bachelor's degree. Don't have to be in debt. Education revolution. Reduce school time by 3-4 years, allowing children to study in the subjects they want to study. to go to a career

Have a credit card for the people with a credit limit of 50,000 baht as a source of funding for loans. Interest is less than 1% per month, no collateral required. Other debts or credit bureaus can be recovered. Take it to clear out informal debt and use it as a starting capital.

The elderly get a public pension of 3000 baht per month. Their children are out of burden. ready to create good health Elderly return to work Reduce medical expenses by hundreds of millions per year And public pensions will help to build the grassroots economy to recover steadily. reduce inequality Build the country's economy to grow sustainably.

therefore invites Isaan brothers and sisters to join in the creation of the Thai Sang Thai Party, the "S" Party, a sign of happiness for Isaan people and small people across the country Brothers and sisters will be well taken care of. from birth to old age And will have a stable income until disappearing within 3 years. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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