Taiwan-Japan Fishery Committee meeting wraps up in Tokyo

The 9th meeting of Taiwan-Japan Fishery Committee was held March 13-15 in Tokyo, highlighting the commitment of both sides to strengthening ties and seeking opportunities to work together in areas of mutual concern.

The meeting was held in accordance with the Taiwan-Japan Fisheries Agreement signed in 2013, which solved disputes over rights and interests in contested fishing areas using peaceful, negotiated means. The next edition will take place in Taiwan.

Convened by Taiwan-Japan Relations Association and Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, the Taiwan delegation comprised Fan Chen-kuo, deputy head of TJRA; Chang Chih-sheng, Cabinet-level Council of Agriculture Fisheries Agency director-general, and officials from the Coast Guard Administration.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, officials held in-depth discussions on topics spanning operational regulations in the inverted triangle-shaped maritime area north of the Yaeyama Islands and the special cooperation zone designated by the 2013 agreement. Participants from Taiwan also requested a start to negotiations on fishing operations in overlapping exclusive economic zones that fall outside the area.

In terms of operational regulations for the 2023 fishing season, the MOFA said both parties agreed to temporarily continue use of the version discussed in 2019 until a consensus is reached. (DL-E)

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan)

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