The Cabinet is about to give the green light to the Royal Decree to exempt criminals from sending illegal guns to the authorities.

Spokesman of the Interior. Reveal progress The Emergency Decree exempting criminal offenses for those who send illegal guns to the authorities, M.T.1, has been signed and is ready to be sent to the Cabinet for the green light. Ms. Traisulee Traisanakul, Secretary to the Minister of Interior and Spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior, said that the Ministry of Interior has acted in accordance with the orders given by Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. The Ministry of Interior has been given measures to allow illegal owners of firearms and ammunition to deliver their firearms and ammunition to the government. along with the exemption from criminal liability for that person as well To be a measure to reduce the number of guns Illegal firearms that are used to commit crimes and violence in society. Recently, the Ministry of Interior has drawn up a draft Royal Decree (Royal Decree) exempting people who own firearms from criminal liability. or ammunition that is not permitted or that is prohibited by law from issuing a license or imitation weapons to be handed over to the government, B.E.... along with drafting the rules and procedures for the delivery, acceptance, storage, and destruction of firearms that have been returned and have been completed. Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, has signed the draft Emergency Decree and the draft criteria. It is currently being presented to the Cabinet Secretariat (SLOC) to include as an agenda for submission to the Cabinet meeting (Cabinet) for consideration and approval and following legal procedures. to continue to be effective Ms. Traisulee said that the government and the Ministry of Interior have taken such legal measures. Due to the fact that currently there have been many cases of mayhem destroying people's lives and property, statistics from 2016-2023 show that 83 percent of firearms used to commit crimes are illegal firearms. Meanwhile, the number of artificial firearms that have been modified into fir earms has increased. From illegally making, modifying, ordering, importing, trading both through normal channels and online channels. Mere arrest and suppression cannot solve all problems. Several measures are needed in parallel. To accelerate the reduction of social impacts from gun problems. Both in terms of confidence public safety order economic stability tourism and investment 'Control of firearms and firearms accessories to reduce the number. Considered an emergency It is urgently necessary to expedite action. In the interest of maintaining national security and public safety, the issuance of the Royal Decree exempts criminal liability for firearms leaders. or unauthorized weapons to be delivered to the government within the specified time. Along with specifying criteria for the delivery, storage, and destruction of said firearms. It will be a measure that will help reduce the number of firearms in the system in a short time,' Ms. Traisulee said.-317.-Thai News Agency Source: Thai News Agency

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