The industrial sector wants ‘Promotional measures’ are a gift from the state.

Bangkok, Vice President of the Federation of Thai Industries reveals the results of the FTI CEO Poll that the industrial sector wants. 'Promotional measures to increase demand for industrial products 'It's a New Year's gift from the state. Mr. Montree Mahaprukphong, Vice President of the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI), revealed the results of the 36th FTI CEO Poll in December 2023 under the topic 'What kind of New Year's gift is popular with the industrial sector?' from the survey results. It was found that most F.T.I. executives expect the government to issue promotional measures as a New Year's gift in 2024. The measures that received the most attention from F.T.I. executives in each area are as follows: Promotional measures To increase demand for industrial products such as 1. Special loans for home repairs. Subsidies for installing solar cells to save on electricity bills and promote the use of renewable energy, etc. 2. Unlocking the law to allow industrial factories to install solar cells to produce electricity of all sizes. Without having to apply for a R.N.4 license to reduce the burden on electricity costs. 3. Low interest loan measures to promote the improvement of production processes and environmental management according to the ESG concept and 4. Accelerate the investigation and suppression of corruption in government agencies. This is a chronic problem that has been occurring for a long time and has prevented Thailand from growing as it should. In addition, the survey results found that F.T.I. executives gave the highest satisfaction scores with the government's performance in 2023 in regulating energy prices and issuing measures to help alleviate energy impacts, including reducing electricity prices. Subsidize the price of diesel fuel and reducing the price of gasoline This measure plays an important role in reducing the burden of production costs for entrepreneurs. Maintain competitiveness and help reduce the cost burden of households during the Thai economy is recovering.

Source: Thai News Agency

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