The Prime Minister instructs agencies to watch out for wildfire-prone areas.

The Prime Minister is concerned about the prevalence of forest fires from burning and heat. Instruct agencies to take care of incident prevention and emergency response plans to extinguish fires. Mr. Chai Watcharong, spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office, revealed that Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Concerned about the situation of forest fires that are already occurring in many areas. Latest in Mae Hong Son Province and is likely to occur more Especially during the summer when there are hot spots and high risks of fire outbreaks. It affects the ecosystem, environment, including the cause of PM 2.5 dust, including putting out forest fires is difficult. You must use your strength. Tools and equipment that may be beyond our power to control and extinguish the fire The Prime Minister therefore ordered relevant agencies to join in monitoring risk areas. and has high heat At each point, don't be careless to prevent it. and when ignition occurs You must hurry to control and exti nguish the fire in the initial stages as quickly as possible. Ordered to plan a concise response to the incident. and can be practiced By assigning provincial governors as the main mechanism. in integrating cooperation at all levels, including provinces, districts, and local levels Including cooperation from the military to prevent and deal with forest fire situations. 'The forest fire situation resulting in widespread damage Especially natural resources and PM 2.5 dust. Thank you to all sectors that have worked together to control and extinguish fires that have erupted in many areas in the past. Request strict surveillance in high-risk areas to prevent forest fires. that is likely to occur easily during the summer Have a plan to deal with the situation together. In order not to cause damage to the entire environment. life and natural resources,' the Prime Minister said Source: Thai News Agency

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