“Thitiwat” implores the Bank of Thailand to review interest rate measures.

Thitiwat" Deputy Secretary-General to the Prime Minister Concerned about the current interest rate measures Call on the National Bank to review Mr. Thitiwat Adisornphankul Deputy Secretary to the Prime Minister for Political Affairs Gave an interview about his concerns about the current interest rate measures. This affects the costs of entrepreneurs and citizens who have obligations with various financial institutions. It can be seen that ever since Thailand faced the COVID-19 outbreak situation. Bank of Thailand The interest rate has been raised 8 times from the interest rate of 0.50%, with the latest interest rate being at 2.50%, which results in the need to observe whether the interest rate measure is still appropriate for the current economic situation in Thailand or not. It can be seen that the Consumer Price Index of Thailand In January 2024, it was at 106.98, compared to January 2023 at 108.18, resulting in general inflation decreasing by 1.11 percent (YoY), falling continuously for the 4th month in a row and the lowest in 35 months. This decline in inflation reflects the decline in purchasing power of consumers. This also affected the Consumer Confidence Index which also decreased compared to December 2023 at the level of 54.8, with January 2024 at the level of 54.5, a continuous decline of the Consumer Price Index. Thai things It is still an important question and concern regarding the current interest rate measures. Mr. Thitiwat also said that setting interest measures that are appropriate to the current economic situation is absolutely necessary to drive the growth of the Thai economy. Financial measures that facilitate liquidity enhancement remain another important factor in reducing the cost burden for entrepreneurs and consumers.-314.-Thai News Agency Source: Thai News Agency

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