“Anusorn” points out that Pheu Thai works honestly. Take advantage of the people

Bangkok, "Anusorn" points out the Pheu Thai Party Do political work straightforwardly. Holding on to the interests of the people is important Mr. Anusorn Iam-sa-at, a member of the House of Representatives on a list basis for the Pheu Thai Party (P.T.), mentioned the case where the opposition party submitted a motion to open a general debate to ask questions about the facts. or suggest problems to the Cabinet without voting According to Section 152 of the Constitution between 3-4 April, the Pheu Thai Party and the coalition government parties are ready. and request that all parties elevate the level of performance of their duties creatively, with maturity, and based on the benefits of the nation and the people as important. Doing political work must be straightforward. The Pheu Thai Party does not need to lobby the opposition to debate or not discuss any issues. He is confident that the Prime Minister and all ministers are ready to answer all questions. The truth of the people who follow the council meetin g They can almost answer every question on behalf of the government. Some questions are asked over and over. Old content brought to the candlelight procession to change the people who speak. People do not benefit I want to see the opposition party do professional political work. It's not just about creating content and bringing it to social media to crush. Because today's society is ready to receive complete and comprehensive information. Ask the opposition parties to work in unity. There is no fear among each other that any party will debate and join the government. The government's voice is strong enough to push and drive important policies. Request that all parties respect and trust each other. Source: Thai News Agency

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