“Anutin” supports “Entertainment Complex”

Nakhon Ratchasima, 'Anutin' supports 'Entertainment Complex' pointing out that there are fish in the water. There can't be only rice in the fields. If it doesn't make all the money flow to neighboring countries. Thailand will have only a place to make a vow. Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Gave an interview about the council meeting It was resolved to approve the report of the results of the study on the opening of a comprehensive entertainment venue. or Entertainment Complex to solve the problem of illegal gambling. and for the benefit of the country's economy that The world has come this far. If anyone wants to know what the necessity is. You must try to travel to Chiang Saen District, Chiang Rai Province and look at the opposite side. If we don't do anything, all progress will go to the opposite side. which is not our country Now people will go to the opposite side. No need to go to Chiang Rai. Because neighboring countries already have international airports. Ther efore, if the Entertainment Complex were all on that side In Thailand, there is only a place to make a vow. who only worships you Shall we take it or not? When asked if Thai people having Buddhism would cause conflicts or not, Mr. Anutin said that it must be interpreted correctly to mean that the Entertainment Complex is not a casino. The Entertainment Complex consists of tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, and restaurants, as well as casinos or casinos. bet It wasn't called that. If it is a "gambling casino" then if it is legal it is called a "casino" with various regulations such as children under 18 years of age being prohibited from entering, which we can already do about these things. and set rules for how people who come to play must behave Otherwise, we will just lie to ourselves. All the money flows to the opposite country. The baht will become kip. Will we be there or not? When asked to emphasize that at present there is still criticism based on religion. Dragging the people, Mr. Anutin repli ed immediately that But you can drink alcohol, have sex, and have massage parlors. Which if you ask yourself, you don't know. But I thought that the road over there was another alley. At the same time regarding religion Must do maintenance. Mr. Anutin also said that he did not appear to support the idea. But if you come, we will support you. Because the economy must come first in this era. Now we have fish in the water. There can't be only rice in the field. People must eat, expenses must be spent, living expenses are more expensive. Therefore, we must have an economic career. But it must be coupled with law enforcement. In which province will it be located? The law must be passed first. And who will dare to invest more? Source: Thai News Agency

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