“Democrat Party” supports folk games – does not support them Entertainment Complex

Cape Dara Resort Hotel, Pattaya, 'Democrat Party' supports traditional games, does not want Entertainment Complex 'Chaichana' recommends raising the level of gambling rings for funerals, rockets, and Noona Phachok. Must request permission to bring fees into the state, slams "Settha" for not dreaming of things that cannot be achieved. Taunted as Mr. Thip punches the target in the wind, so his work is in the wind. Mr. Chaichana Dechdecho, Nakhon Si Thammarat MP and Deputy Leader of the Democrat Party in charge of the southern region mentioned the case of Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. Support to have Entertainment Complex after the council meeting Agreed to the report on March 28th. It will be brought to the Cabinet (Cabinet) in the next 2 weeks. that he had viewed the content and saw that the creation The Entertainment Complex requires an area of ??10,000 square meters and must not be more than 100 kilometers from the airport. It requires an investment of 300,000 million baht. H e thinks the government should study this matter carefully. Because I have to study in countries that have Entertainment Complex, has the tax base increased or decreased over the past 10 years? And how can social problems be prevented? Mr. Chaichana said that what he thinks the government should do is Folk games should be performed correctly first, such as bull fighting, cock fighting, fighting fish, or playing dice. Playing cards at a funeral. A simple method is if there is a funeral, have the host go to the district to ask for permission. Then charge a fee of 500 baht per ring for bringing money into government service, such as 1 night, 3 rings, a total of 1,500 baht. If it exceeds this, the law will be enforced and arrested honestly. Including local games in the Northeast, such as playing rockets, saba balls, marble shooting games, and Noona brings luck. If the government does this correctly, and request permission from the Ministry of Interior From time to time, according to tradition, he thinks that mor e income will enter the country. and stopped paying tribute even more But if we go to do it The Entertainment Complex must accept whether the truth is possible or not. How many years will it take? Because he has been studying this matter since 2005, including the previous council that also studied but did not do it. This council is still studying. Therefore, he thinks that if we study anything that is not possible, we should take the matter that can be done. You can go first. When asked, the government stated that there would be further developments from the government. Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, former prime minister who will use U-Tapao Airport. Because it is convenient in terms of travel area which is considered the most appropriate. Mr. Chaichana said that he believed that land could be obtained. But I would like to ask that if you really do it and have to invest 300,000 million baht, will you be able to find a company to invest in? Because of the historical tax base in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippi nes, it will be found that the tax base has decreased. did not increase Therefore, he thought that if foreign formats were brought in Can we prevent social problems from occurring? But if we take local games and make them all correct What lies underground that suggests the police still have a vested interest? or government agencies have an interest He thought that he had to bring these things to be on the ground. Including underground lottery Because it is inevitable that Thai people do not play the underground lottery. When buying lottery tickets, you must play the underground lottery. Let's make it right. By creating a platform that is entirely owned by the state, such as a lottery platform. Because nowadays they sell through the Paotang app, and the rest still buy directly. Therefore, we saw that if we did it all through the platform, the problem would disappear and the government would receive more income. When asked if there was concern that legalizing gambling would lead to more new gamblers, Mr. Chaic hana said he was asking for facts. He didn't talk about it. Entertainment Complex: Can we avoid folk games or not? Which event does not involve playing dice, deck of cards, three-pointed cards, parking cards? It must be accepted that Thai society actually exists. And can you deny that Thai people on every 1st and 16th day do not buy underground lottery? But if we put things like this on the ground and do it correctly, the state will have more income. Therefore, we should push to make things right. Because if we build Entertainment Complex arises. Who will stop the social problems that will follow? 'I think the government must admit that it is a divine government at all times. Because of pushing for the impossible, the Prime Minister is Prime Minister Thip like this. Because you dream and cannot do it. This is a characteristic of Prime Minister Srithanonchai, namely Mr. Setsa Thavisin, and the Prime Minister showing his fitness by boxing must be stressful. When Thip was Prime Minister, he couldn't do anything . The most you can do is punch a boxing target. He is happy that the Prime Minister Spend a day off boxing which is still punching the wind Therefore, the work is still wind work,' Mr. Chaichana said. When asked about the Democrat Party's position regarding the Entertainment Complex, whether or not it is accepted, Mr. Chaichana said that from discussions with MPs in the party, which was not a party resolution. Agree with supporting folk games, but we still don't support Entertainment Complex. Because we think it's impossible. And if Mr. Settha doesn't know the folk games that he has mentioned above. Invite yourself to give information. Source: Thai News Agency

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