‘Dr. Ae’ advises you to think carefully. Open a free casino

Cape Dara Resort Hotel, Pattaya, "Dr. Ae" advises the Prime Minister to think carefully about opening free casinos, pointing out that many countries have done it and regret it. Can't really stimulate the economy, worried about hidden benefits, says Thailand is not a place for trial and error. Mr. Suchatwee Suwansawat Deputy leader of the Bangkok Democrat Party mentioned the issue of "free casinos" that it was a pity that Prime Minister Settha Thavisin said that Thailand was ready to open free casinos. If it can be done, it should be studied. Be careful and listen to the people. Give more than this because Thailand is not a place for trial and error. Because if you go through trial and error with this matter, in the end your children and grandchildren will lose their lives and have nothing to take offense at. In addition, many countries Those who open free casinos are also concerned about outside money and hidden benefits that ultimately cannot actually support the economy. Moreover, there is no guarantee t hat once free casinos are opened. Online gambling will decrease. The Prime Minister came out and said that. Although there has not been a detailed study It is very dangerous. Mr. Suchatwee also emphasized the issue of hidden benefits and said that the Prime Minister should not think only of being an administrator. Be a businessman You should think about the people. parents and youth as well As for what is seen as an attempt to bring up underground money, Mr. Suchatwee stated that the study of underground money has been communicated for 10-20 years, but current information in many countries feels wrong. like Singapore or even developed countries like the United States. which has a lot of crime problems and family problems Ready to see that in While Thailand already has tourist attractions and cultures that should be promoted for people to travel. There is no need to bring up gambling issues. When something is already good, it doesn't develop. Especially the development of people will be able to stimulate th e economy in the future more than. Source: Thai News Agency

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